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"Lady!"! What are you doing here? "Qin Jianfei's eyes are full of affection."

"Lady!"! What are you doing here? "Qin Jianfei's eyes are full of affection." Long Tengtian promised to let me see you for the last time. Gongsun Xue's eyes were full of despair. Lady, don't be afraid. Even if you become a ghost, I won't let the dragon hurt you at all. A small potato said in a talkative way, "He will ask a Taoist priest to do something to subdue demons and ghosts, so that the leader of the Stronghold will never be able to survive." Qin Jian flew back and swept past with angry eyes. I'm in love with my wife, and there's no room for you to interrupt. Gongsun Xue said calmly, "I have long held the idea of facing death unflinchingly, and I am not afraid at all." "That's right. My wife died for me. I'm so touched." Qin Jianfei choked with tears. Gongsun Xue turned to Yang Lao. I'm here to see Yang Lao. Are you all right? "The old man is all right. When he sees Miss Gongsun.." A punch fell on old man Yang. Dotard! You should respectfully call her Lady of the Stronghold Leader. 。” Qin Jianfei showed no mercy. There's no room for a fool to talk here. You hold his mouth for me. Yang Lao gave the order. The minions had seven hands and eight feet to subdue the Lord of the Stronghold, who was not enough to succeed and more than enough to fail. Offended! Stronghold Leader 。” "Yang Lao, have you thought of a way to get out of trouble?" Atonement is the real purpose of Gongsun Xue's trip. " "Miss Sun, please come closer." Yang Lao unhygienically stretched out a finger to pick his mouth. Yang Lao, please say. Gongsun Xue put his hand on the side of his skirt,65 inch touch screen, took a bag of powder and held it tightly in the palm of his hand. This is Gouhun San. Please find a way to mix it into the guard's wine. Yang Lao explained in a low voice. Gongsun Xue said confidently: "Everyone can rest assured that we should be able to go home for reunion tonight." "I'm sorry I've been lying to you." Old Yang has a knot in his heart, and he can't get it off his chest. Gongsun Xue smiled calmly. Old Yang is loyal, I understand. Originally should be the hero to save the United States, but the wife saved him, saved the entire bully village. The hero has no place to display his abilities. He is so ashamed that he has no place to hide. Six feet in this crowded cage,smart board for conference room, not to mention hiding, even lying down to sleep. Looking at his wife walking toward the guards, he kindly asked for warmth, which made his heart sour. Lady didn't smile at him, didn't whisper to him, didn't even look at him when she turned away. Old Yang is not good, also do not think of their own old bones, but also one less, unexpectedly color courage, 4k smart board ,smart board interactive whiteboard, flirting with the wife?! This is old and not repaired. Don't dream of spring and autumn once in a lifetime! Watch the lady pour wine for the guard. The guards were so happy that they didn't notice that the powder fell into the flagon from the tip of their fingers. That's great! My wife is clever and clever Yes, it's the Lady of the Stronghold Leader! With him, the incomparably brave leader of the Stronghold It can be said that dragons and phoenixes are auspicious. The evil tyrant Stronghold will surely be famous all over the world in the future. It will shake the martial arts world and be immortal! After a while, Yang Laocai thought that Qin Jianfei was still suffering. He turned his head and saw that the minions pounding his mouth were spitting between their fingers. This useless thing must be thinking about that thing again! It seems that he has to try to live to be a hundred. He pinned his hopes on the future leader of the village. Let go quickly! "Yang Lao ordered, and the minions let go one after another.". Qin Jianfei came to his senses and said to the minion who had pounded his mouth, "Did you wash your hands after you went to the toilet?" Little Luo has an embarrassed look on his face. I had vomiting and diarrhea these two days, and I forgot to wash my hands because of my stomachache. "Instead of being killed, I was first smoked to death by your smelly hands!" Qin Jianfei cursed loudly. Don't make any noise. Let's close our eyes and rest a little later so that we can break out of the tight encirclement. Yang Lao looked awestruck. Awesome! Yang Lao turned out to be a hidden master. "Qin Jianfei quickly flattered.". Old Yang said rudely, "That bag of Gouhun San was originally meant for you to eat." Me?! Why me "Qin Jianfei is at a loss." You are the most disobedient. If you eat it, you will be at my mercy. Yang Lao blamed him. I don't have it! How dare I not listen to my teacher? "Qin Jianfei coquettishly clings to Yang Lao." It's too late to be good now. Old Yang bumped his arms back and pushed the slime worm away. Qin Jianfei fawned and said, "Teacher, you have worked hard. Let your disciples beat your back and pinch your legs for you." "Oops!"! My old skin bumps are all over the floor. ! Everybody, help me pick it up. Yang Lao's words immediately drew a burst of laughter. ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ "Black Stronghold Leader, welcome!"! Welcome "Long Tengtian's face is full of pride.". "Congratulations to the Dragon Stronghold Leader for marrying the Eighth Aunt!" Said the Panther Stronghold Leader. Long Tengtian craves for greatness and success, lest the people of the world do not know that he has seized the beautiful woman! Looking at the wine table with no end in sight Hei Yancheng, the leader of the Black Panther Stronghold, was very upset and unwilling. In those days, the Great Dragon Stronghold and the Black Panther Stronghold fought and killed all day long, unable to tell the difference between high and low. Both sides were so tired that they turned upside down. They signed a non-aggression treaty and withdrew in a friendly manner. That night, he went to Fireworks Willow Lane to relax, but in the middle of the night, he was attacked by a masked man, whose figure was exactly the same as the bridegroom in front of him. Although he saved his life, the heirloom was cut in half, which made him keep his secret from then on. He had no chance to repay this blood feud, so he had to practice martial arts diligently, but the more he practiced martial arts, the weaker he became, which gave him another secret! So he has nothing to do. Now I go around to find out other people's secrets and then tell them to the world for fun. Black Stronghold Leader, please take a seat. Long Tengtian's hospitality. I heard that you picked up Qin Jianfei's broken shoes to wear! "Hei Yancheng was cynical when he opened his mouth.". Long Tengtian's face was overcast. Nonsense! Who's talking nonsense? ?” "Those who know do not hide from each other." Hei Yancheng pretended to be calm,interactive whiteboard for schools, but his skin and flesh trembled with fear. I assure you, those worn out shoes are more beautiful than any new pair of shoes in the world. Long Tengtian is graceful. I also heard that the famous beauty of the north disappeared four months ago. Hei Yancheng said. It was the first time I heard that who would marry a southern genius? "Long Tengtian was puzzled.". Hei Yancheng said, "People from the south say it's a girl with a black face." "Is it Qin Jianfei's sister?" Long Tengtian's eyelids beat uncomfortably. " Did you catch her? "Enmity with that woman is a dead end.".


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