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The sword was ferocious and vicious. It was originally aimed at the heart of the left chest of the Qi Saint King. It wanted to stab the heart of the Qi Saint King with a sword.

The sword was ferocious and vicious. It was originally aimed at the heart of the left chest of the Qi Saint King. It wanted to stab the heart of the Qi Saint King with a sword. However, he was flashed over by the King of Qi. Don't worry Qi Sheng Wang said lightly, looking at the figure of the golden crown with jade face in midair. He was actually defeated in the fight just now. Although it was because he was injured and the wound was not healed. But it is also because of the strength of the eighteen princes, extremely terrible. Unexpectedly, a prince in a secular Dynasty had such skill. It's really terrible! Qi Sheng Wang looked at the sky, worried. The strength of the eighteen princes has been so powerful, I am afraid the strength of the Taibai Dynasty, even more terrible. This matter, no matter what the final outcome, I am afraid it is difficult to be good. At the same time, in the sky, the eighteen princes also felt a great shock. What is the origin of this boy. Unexpectedly, you can also learn kendo! Eighteen princes did not expect that they would meet an opponent who also practiced kendo in a sect here. Moreover, from the point of view of the nature of the sword, the other side's unique learning is not under his own family's Taibai Kendo. The most annoying thing for the eighteen princes was that he clearly felt that his kendo cultivation was better than Lin Xi's. At the time of battle, they had the advantage, but there was no way to turn the advantage into victory in the end. Lin Xi's True Qi kept flowing, and he did his best with every blow, without any sign of exhaustion. In the feeling of eighteen princes, it is estimated that ten days and a half months later, Lin Xi is still like this, and he, I am afraid,foldable bulk container, will not be able to hold up. Taibai curls his head! The eighteen princes suddenly changed their swords, and a head as big as a mountain peak and with white hair appeared in the air of the sword without a horse. Boom! As soon as the head explodes, a stream of solemn sword gas, earth-shaking, explodes. Boom! When Lin Xi saw that the situation was not right, he had already offered sacrifices to the "Seal of Mountains and Rivers" and the "Nine Fires True Dragon Cover", but he was shocked by the sword gas and fell down from the sky, and he retreated a few steps. Give me that guy to deal with,plastic trash bins, and kill all the others, leaving no one behind. Eighteen princes fluttered down, pointing to Lin Xi and others, mercilessly. The voice was firm and merciless. Anyone who dares to do it is looking for death! "Lin Xi, with a cry of violence, opened his eyes without anger." Humph 1 For Lin Xi's words, the eighteen princes' answer was to start. With a wave of his palm, he took the lead in breaking through the air. Behind him, more than a dozen virtual immortals and Taoist fruits, together with two royal worshippers of ten major consummation, rushed out of the box one by one like tigers and rushed to kill them. Eighteen princes who are good at Taibai Kendo are already difficult to deal with. Not to mention that there are two royal worships, as well as a large number of virtual immortals and fruits. If it had been before, I wouldn't have been afraid. But Qi Sheng Wang was hurt even more, and Ouyang Nahai was not much better. See this situation, can not help but color. "Go!" In the face of this strong pressure, King Qi Sheng made a prompt decision and immediately urged the "Small Shift Method" to escape from Lilong Mountain with Ouyang Nahai, plastic pallet manufacturer ,plastic bulk containers, Bai yuan and others. The situation is stronger than others, so we have to bow our heads. Stay in the green hills, not afraid of no firewood. In the immediate situation, the first thing is to save your life, and the rest will be done slowly in the future. Jittery! Seeing that the King of Qi and others were making a gesture to escape, the eighteen princes and the two big worshippers simultaneously let out an astonishing roar: "Where to escape?" "You can't escape!" "Hum!" A powerful breath exploded from the three men. Three people do not want to, immediately on the same display similar to the "small move method" of the unique learning. These are all wounded, and they can't escape at all. The most critical reason is that if these people escape, in the future let Shenxiaozong know, I am afraid there will be a lot of trouble. Cut the grass to get rid of the root, and do things absolutely. The eighteen princes would never have allowed them to escape. Since you want to die, you can't blame me! See gas saint king and others escaped, do not know whether to escape, the critical moment, Lin Xi suddenly shouted, the pupil burst out of a strong killing machine. Boom! As soon as the air explodes, Lin Xi, like a flash of lightning, rises into the sky, and in an instant, appears in the sky of thousands of feet. Siji Dayuan, come out! At this time, Lin Xi did not hesitate, the idea of a move, take out the thunder iron plate, at the same time summoned out of the four great Wan. Boom! The strong wind swept across the world. Then everyone heard a loud neigh in their ears. Xi Yu! "" In the flickering purple electricity, a handsome horse more than ten feet high, with its purple mane dancing, jumped out of the void. Streams of lightning burst out of its body, setting off the God horse in general. It's Siji Dayuan!.. Waves of exclamations came from the ground, and all the Taibai Dynasty recognized the dragon-like steed. Eighteen princes were going to catch up with Qi Sheng Wang and others, but at this time, suddenly thought of something, his expression changed greatly, and his face turned pale on the spot: "Not good!" The two royal worshippers were surprised on the spot. Eighteen princes of the atmosphere of calm, they are most admired. I've never seen anything like this before. Stop him! Eighteen princes shouted, the body a bullet, at the foot of a fierce, immediately like lightning, to chase Lin Xi. For Lin Xi, he did not care too much. Even if we know that he has tamed Siji Dayuan. But when combined with Lin Xi's powerful kendo, the eighteen princes immediately understood what he wanted to do. It's just that the eighteen princes can't believe that Lin Xi can really do that thing in such a short time, the kind of thing he wanted to do most. Boom! Eighteen princes are not the way of the sword, but the way of the spirit. A sharp sword gas, rolling, splitting the void, a sword cut to Lin Xi and the four great Wan in the place. However, in a flash of light, Lin Xi had disappeared. Chuan 1 The surprise of the eighteen princes was no small matter. They were about to look for the trace of Lin Xi when they heard the neigh of Siji Dayuan. Yu! "" Yin! —” At first, it was the sound of a horse's neigh,mobile garbage bin, but later, it became the sound of a clear dragon. A purple thunderbolt exploded, and Lin Xi and the four-pole Dayuan disappeared completely. Yin! ——”。


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