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"Qin Fang, to tell you the truth, if your marriage with Miss Tang falls through because of this, don't be too sad. I have a sister who looks no worse than Miss Tang.

"Qin Fang, to tell you the truth, if your marriage with Miss Tang falls through because of this, don't be too sad. I have a sister who looks no worse than Miss Tang. Why don't I introduce her to you?" Qiao Zhenfei said with a smile, at this time there is still a heart to pull up the red line. The third brother is right. Sister Qiao is also a famous beauty in our capital. Our brothers support you. Lu Jun and Ling Feng also echoed with a smile on their faces. The relationship between the Lu and Ling families and the Qiao family is relatively close, and the relationship between the Tang family, which has always been neutral, is general. Of course, they will be more willing for Qin Fang to become the son-in-law of the Qiao family. Of course, this is impossible. "I said three brothers, can we not talk about this?" Qin Fang a face wry smile, this topic he can not want to participate in more, do not when the time comes to get into trouble for themselves, Qiao's woman that is not the average person can get their hands on. Don't say, don't say. Come on, let's keep drinking. Qiao Zhenfei and others naturally will not say too much on this topic, point to stop, Qin Fang and Tang Feifei are a pair in the end, say more to feel that they are going to break up this pair of young lovers, Qin Fang's temper even if it is good, the mouth may not say much, but this heart will inevitably have some knots. Things have happened, even if it is too late to regret, can only take one step at a time, they will certainly have been concerned about the development of this matter Qin Fang. Now Qin Fang has joined their small group, is the youngest of them,side impact beams, of course, is to take care of a lot, not to mention Qin Fang has a lot of very strong strength, who will stand higher this is really hard to say! "What's the matter, Qin Fang?" Sure enough, Tang Cheng's phone call came, Chen Shijie is now in the hospital, his family has already known, this matter can not be hidden,impact beam tubes, naturally also know that the person who started is actually they all recognized Tang Feifei's boyfriend Qin Fang. If such a thing is born, they will naturally pursue it, which is clearly a fight in the nest. To put it bluntly, it's called inviting the wolf into the house. At least Chen Shijie's mother, Tang Feifei's aunt Tang Yonghong, told Tang Cheng so bluntly. This kind of thing, she is directly looking for Tang Cheng, not looking for the previous generation of Tang secretary, her son Chen Shijie is what kind of virtue she also knows, Chen Shijie's several uncles do not like him, naturally looking for Tang Cheng is more appropriate, she can also play to the advantages of their elders. It was not easy for Tang Cheng to go back to the capital. He was warming up with his daughter-in-law. As a result, his aunt called him and scolded him, which made him quite depressed. Finally, he realized that the feeling was that his cousin Chen Shijie had been cleaned up by his sister Daqin Fang. Qin Fang made such a big noise in Ninghai, with a mere commoner but hard in Ninghai, offended so many people but still get carefree, even their own social status, Cold Drawn Tubes ,Precision Welded pipes, power, strength are in the rapid promotion. It is undeniable that the Tang family has played a certain role, but this role is at most a little bit of potential, Qin Fang has not even reached out to the Tang family once, in front of Qin Fang has everything he earned from scratch. Tang Yonghong's words were really ugly, saying something like a white-eyed wolf, but Tang Cheng defended Qin Fang a few words, but finally thought about it or forget it, and immediately called Qin Fang. It's not a big deal, Chen Shijie wants to stand out for others, ready to rely on more people want to make me, but unfortunately he himself is not helpful, I just teach Yun properly, at most in the hospital for a day, turn back to be vigorous, even healthier than before.. Well, by the way, I treated him. Miao? Something about Qin Fang did not say, he knew that Tang Cheng must have known, but this matter in the end who is wrong, in fact, many people know. Does Chen Shijie know Miao? It's Qin Fang's woman. , also prepared to prepare rice with a younger brother, and bluntly to engage in Qin Fang, his younger brothers were frightened by Qin Fang such a meal, no one dared to lie in favor of Chen Shijie, did not put all the blame on Chen Shijie is already very face to him. These younger brothers also have a background, but not those powerless street hoodlums, even if they really do so, no one will go to their trouble. "Is that true?" Listen to Qin Fang so that Tang Cheng is doubtful. Although he and Chen Shijie have known each other for a longer time and have more opportunities to get in touch with each other, in fact, he himself does not like this cousin who only knows how to fool around all day long. The number of children of the Tang family is not very large, but there are almost no special playboys, most of them have their own careers, such as Tang Cheng in the army, the son of the eldest son of the Tang family has also entered the official career, the daughter married abroad to follow her husband in business, and the children of the second child in the Tang family also have their own careers.. Only Chen Shijie, he is only half of the Tang family at most, but almost the most dandy of the Tang family, "many cousins are very contemptuous of what he has done, of course, the old man Tang does not love him." So Qin Fang so Tang Cheng is naturally more believe in Qin Fang, with Qin Fang for more than half a year, he is also very understanding of Qin Fang's "sex", not to provoke him, absolutely impossible to take the initiative to an innocent person. How strong is Qin Fang? Tang Cheng used to know something, but now he can't see through it, and even give him the feeling. Almost completely not inferior to him now, or even fight alone, he Tang Cheng is not necessarily the opponent of Qin Fang. With such a strong skill, if you really want to beat Chen Shijie, you don't need to work so hard. Few people can stop him by beating him casually. But Qin Fang such an explanation, plus Tang Cheng had already got the news earlier, he just listened to Qin Fang said again, has basically agreed with Qin Fang's statement. Even when his aunt Tang Yonghong called to say this,side impact beams, he had already made such a guess, everyone knows that Chen Shijie and Xu Ling have close contacts, and Xu Ling has always been not married to Tang Feifei. This thing is really understandable! "Are you sure Chen Shijie won't have a problem?" 。


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