Mecha farmers

Able shook his head and said, "I don't know. I've never seen such a way of action flow. It seems to be completely improvisational.

Able shook his head and said, "I don't know. I've never seen such a way of action flow. It seems to be completely improvisational. There is no fixed routine. You and Paul can't pass ten strokes in his hands!" One side of the teenager said unconvinced, "wait and see, if he can successfully pass the rematch, I will let him look good!" " Alice said lightly, "Able, my goal is you, as long as I can defeat you, I don't care about anyone else!" "Oh, as long as you don't like the last one, only long-range attacks, there is still a chance to defeat me!" Able said with indifference. Hum, three days later, I will let you know what I have done these two years! Alice turned away with a cold snort. Paul looked at Able and asked, "What's wrong with her? She was fine just now, but suddenly she changed her attitude. It's so strange!" Able laughed. "Women do that!" …… Fu Luo Ya looked at a few good useless investigation report, looked up at the golden mecha standing in the field, frowned slightly, murmured, "the security level is double S level, this is the information security of the head of a great power, how can this person have such a high level of information security, is it really like the rumor outside that he is a mecha paladin of a certain country?" Is that impossible? Why would a Mecha Paladin be interested in an amateur Mecha Open? Bavanovi stood beside his daughter,plastic pallet manufacturer, the face full of vicissitudes of life on the rare emergence of a sense of excitement, governing the dragon country for more than 20 years, the weak country let him worry about breaking his heart, a year ago finally saw the hope of restoring the country, but the world is unpredictable, the dragon country has planned for several generations for hundreds of years, but the road to revival is so simple to be broken, how can it not be sad? Bavanovi had aged a great deal. Looking at her father's face full of worries, Froya hoped to share the heavy burden to lighten the weight on her father's shoulders. It is useless to think about the lost,collapsible pallet bin, as early as after the news of the destruction of five goods, Bavanovi began a new plan to restore the country, the development of science and technology needs too much time and cost, it is almost impossible to achieve in a short time, and once the scientific and technological achievements are leaked, it is also a waste of effort, so he locked his eyes on recruiting talents. In a short year, there are many talents from all sides, but most of them are limited to literary talent, but martial arts are hard to find. There are no more than one hundred junior mecha knights in the whole dragon country, only three intermediate mecha knights, and none of the senior mechaknights. As for the mecha paladins, there is no need to think about them. Although it is true that the era of science and technology should be dominated by literary talent and that knowledge is power, when science and technology develop to a certain extent, the talents who use science and technology gradually play a more important role than literary talent. After all, there must be mutual military constraints between countries, collapsible bulk containers ,plastic pallet price, and the people who make machines may not be able to use them or use them well. After the third industrial revolution of mecha, this is particularly prominent, the talent of making mecha is far less popular than that of driving mecha, and when a technology is fully mature, the talent in this area is no longer so important, just as the people who make Formula 1 are far less than those who drive Formula 1. The people who make formula racing cars are less popular than the people who drive them. There may be some differences, but overall there are some similarities. The number of a country's talent almost directly determines the size of the country's strength, mecha is the product of high-end technology, its role has almost replaced all the existing machines to become the most popular and practical mechanical equipment, not to mention the military role of mecha, mecha in war almost determines the victory or defeat of a war, although there are only a few mecha paladins in big countries. But only one can influence the direction of an interstellar war, and its role can be imagined. Bavanovi is clearly aware of the national strength of the dragon country, mecha paladins he never thought, even if there is talent in this area can not stay in the dragon country, but mecha knights are recruited, the dragon reserve of more than 100 mecha knights is too pitiful. "Fuluoya, have you found out the origin of this man?" Bavanovi stared at the golden mecha for a long time before he said. No, double S-level security, not something we can touch, unless we have the help of the Holy Light Warlock, it is possible to get information on the main light brain of the Star Alliance, but we don't have the talent in this field, so..! Frauya said regretfully, with a hint of sadness in her eyes, that her country was too weak. Bavanovi sighed and said, "I'll have to meet him in person after the game.". How are you getting along with the farmer recently? Fu Luo Ya's mind emerged Xiao Yukong's weak face, it seems that on the one hand, prominent people on the other hand will always be lacking, the total will not be perfect, Xiao Yukong's talent in biotechnology, Fu Luo Ya no longer has any doubt, but unfortunately he seems to be very weak, even if only to reach the ordinary level ah, reluctantly smiled and said, "fortunately, he has a good temper." It's good for me too! Bavanovi took a deep look at his daughter and said with regret, "It's too unfair for you to marry a farmer. It's useless for your father!" Fu Luoya took his father's arm and said, "Dad, don't say that. In fact, Yukong is not as unruly as you think. He still has some special skills." Bavanovi was a little surprised that his daughter would speak for the farmer. "Oh, what's your specialty?" Fu Luoya bowed her head and kept silent for a long time before she uttered three words, "People are not bad!" Bavanovi was stunned and laughed. "Haha, if a person is not bad, he can be considered a specialty. There are too few people in the world who don't have a specialty. But if you can speak for him, at least it shows that he is good to you. I'm relieved. If he bullies you, you tell your father, and he will help you teach him a lesson." Fu Luoya immediately thought of the scene of teasing Xiao Yukong yesterday, and her face turned red, revealing her shy charm. "He bullied me?"? It's good if I don't bully! "Ha ha, that's good,plastic pallet suppliers, you can bully him as much as you want, as long as my daughter doesn't suffer losses!" Bavarnovi's previous worries disappeared with the help of his daughter's arms, and his mood suddenly improved a lot.


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