The world where you and I are very different.

Lin Xiao has been left in the quiet glass pagoda in the volume of hand-copied Tao Te Ching cloth, suddenly came a voice with a million

"And say an hour." She muttered disapprovingly and leaned slightly to reach for the cup on the other side of the table. As soon as her fingertips were next to each other, she heard the sound of the door lock being unscrewed. She turned her head and saw that Wen Shaoyuan was pushing the door in with his head down. She said, "So punctual?" "I heard you thinking about me." Wen Shaoyuan slightly hooked his lips, walked around the sofa to her, bent down to hand her the cup, and sat down beside her on the floor: "What are you doing?" "Surfing the Internet." Wen Ge lowered his head and took a sip of saliva and poked the computer page: "I'm watching the news." It is also a habit formed by trainee journalists, who always brush the news when they are free. Wen Shaoyuan looked in the direction of her finger and did not care much: "Pack up, we are ready to go." Hearing the song "Oh", he was about to stand up when he held his wrist again. She looked at him doubtfully, and saw him come over with a serious expression and wipe her lips with his finger. The drooping eyes are like a curved gap, dark and bright, especially focused. The slightly rough touch on the finger belly brushed her lips, but the serious expression made Wen Ge slightly different. "Got Water on it?" Wen Ge raised his hand to touch his lips and looked at him without knowing why. Uh Wen Shaoyuan took a few more glances at her attractive lips,cosmetic packaging wholesale, which were as red as Rouge. He moved his eyes away and moved the computer away from her lap. "Will you buy some fruit or flowers later?" Wen Ge took another sip of water from the cup, and when he saw him staring straight at himself, he immediately handed over the cup in his hand and put it to his lips. Wen Shaoyuan was finally satisfied and drank a mouthful of water from her hand before he stood up. Buy fruit. Wen Ge put the cup back on the table, waiting for him to stand up and reach for her, gently pulling his trouser leg to borrow force. As soon as he stood firm, he saw Wen Shaoyuan looking at her hesitantly. Wen Ge looked back in silence: "Then buy flowers?" She did not know why the expression inexplicably amused him,Glass Cosmestic Containers, Wen Shaoyuan laughed twice, then said: "Don't shit pants." This time I wore a belt. Wen Ge: "… …" She glanced at his pants subconsciously and shamefully made up her mind. xxxxxx Because of the accident earlier, Wen Shaoyuan's car could not be used temporarily, so he borrowed Wen Shiqian's jeep temporarily. On the way to Times Mansion, I bought a fruit basket in the nearby fruit supermarket. As soon as I stepped out of the fruit supermarket, Wen Shaoyuan received a call from Aunt Xin. Wen Shaoyuan handed the screen to her, let her see the caller ID, then unhurriedly changed a hand to pick up the phone, the other hand holding an umbrella directly from behind her, Foam Pump Bottles Wholesale ,glass cream jars, on her shoulder. The sloping umbrella facing her sheltered all the wind and snow. Aunt Xin. Wen Shaoyuan called out to Aunt Xin, bent down slightly, leaned close to her ear, and put her chin gently against her shoulder so that she could hear Aunt Xin's voice on the other end of the phone. Xiao Qian came back with his son-in-law and said that you and Wen Ge were in a city now. When will you come back? Wen Shaoyuan took a glance at the song and turned his face slightly sideways. His slightly cold body was close to her. His gentle and magnetic voice came into her ears clearly: "Soon, I will take her home these days." Aunt Xin laughed a few times, obviously very happy: "Well, tell me in advance when you come back, and I'll cook more of her favorite dishes." Wen Shaoyuan gave a heavy "hum" and slanted his head. His cool lips fell on the side of her face. He stayed for a moment and asked her solemnly, "Did you hear that?" Wen Ge was caught off guard by his attack and was about to turn around when he heard a hoarse voice on the other end of the phone: "Little Song is beside you?" She raised her head and looked at Wen Shaoyuan. The look in her eyes for help was so obvious that Wen Shaoyuan could not ignore it. How could she know what to say to Aunt Xin now! Then he straightened up, drew back the hands that had encircled her shoulders, and held her tightly in his arms. "Well, it's beside me.". I'm going to Jingfan's place to have a look. I'll tell you in advance when I get home in a few days. Wen Shaoyuan lightly mentioned, the other end did not know what to say, after a while, just listen to Wen Shaoyuan "um", hung up the phone. "Jing ran is back." Wen Shaoyuan took Wen Ge to the jeep parked in the temporary parking space on the roadside: "I brought my girlfriend." Wen Ge was immediately interested. His eyes were sparkling, and he was particularly expressive: "Did Uncle Jing Ran bring his girlfriend back to see the old man?" "Or what?" He hooked his lips, pulled open the door of the passenger seat, and helped her sit in. "Do you want to meet?" The word "think" came to her mouth and was taken back by Wen Ge in time. She smiled and watched Wen Shaoyuan fasten her seat belt. Her cool hand was pasted on his warm neck. She answered tactfully: "Goodbye if you have a chance." The hand was so cold that Wen Shaoyuan frowned and looked down at her for a while. Then he closed the door and sat in the car around the front of the car: "I can't escape." This answer, let the song suddenly came down. It was Sui Enron who came to open the door. He should have waited for a long time. When he saw her, his quiet face burst into a smile. Not knowing that she had touched the string in the bottom of her heart, she suddenly felt that the tip of her nose was sour and opened her hand to meet her. Sui Enron also reached out and hugged her. Her best friend for so long, even without speaking, could tacitly perceive her mood at the moment. She raised her hand and patted her on the back. Her clear voice was pleasant and gentle: "Well, I knew you would do this as soon as you entered the door." She looked up at Wen Shaoyuan, who came in behind Wen Ge, bent her lips and smiled, calling out "Big Brother.". Wen Shaoyuan nodded and closed the door with his backhand. "How are you recently?" "Fine." As Enron loosened the song, she raised her hand to touch her stomach and patted it mercilessly: "I haven't been thinking about me for so long. As soon as I came, I touched my stomach. How can it be so cheap?" The slap showed no mercy at all, only making Wen Ge shrink his hand and show his teeth slightly. Wen Shaoyuan's eyebrows jumped, looked at Wen Ge's red hand,oil dropper bottle, pressed down the idea of holding it in the palm of his hand, pressed Wen Ge's shoulder lightly, and changed his shoes into the house first.


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