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Lin Xiao has been left in the quiet glass pagoda in the volume of hand-copied Tao Te Ching cloth, suddenly came a voice with a million

"Don't ask too many questions. Grandpa doesn't want to carry passengers. This is my idea.". Although he is not very kind, he is sure to be safe in my family's boat, not because my grandfather has anything to rely on, but because he has been sailing for a long time. He is old and has many acquaintances. Everyone knows that he has a small capital and profit, and does not have many goods. He comes and goes at most once a month, which is enough for his own family. He seldom carries goods on behalf of others. He bullies us old and young, and is not a bachelor. Grandpa and my parents have done a few good things before, everyone knows that the small water thief dare not bully, afraid to lead to other things, the big thief embarrassed. There was a clever merchant who often asked someone to say good words and offered a high price. He wanted to carry the cargo of my family's ship secretly, but nine out of ten people refused and very few agreed. Today, when I saw you two inquiring about the passenger ship at the ferry, I even helped four poor people, all in secret, without letting anyone know. You are not rich people, and you have never seen such loyalty and kindness. What you said to a poor man to persuade him to make a living is more reasonable. Everyone has his mind and strength, and temporary poverty is unavoidable. How can he rely on others for relief and have no ambition? The more I look at you, the better. At present, the waterway is too dirty. If you walk dozens of miles, you will see that two ships of people and goods were stolen in the river the day before yesterday. Both people and money were lost, and many people died. Two people were captured. I'm afraid you will get on the pirate ship by mistake tomorrow. Although some boatmen do not communicate with water thieves, famous water thieves do not hurt boatmen as a rule, and sometimes even pay dividends. In order to make a living, they refused to merge with the thieves, nor did they say that they were broken. It was luck for the guests to get through, and it had nothing to do with them if something happened. Fortunately, at present,sodium cyanide price, the government is corrupt and incompetent. They only ask for money. It's no big deal. How can they make a living without carrying passengers and cargo? Sometimes the matter is too big, the merchant accuses the official, is afraid to be implicated, then changes the place, even the boat takes the family to flee to the distance, fortunately the robber does not hurt them, therefore even at home wife and children all in the boat. Some of them didn't even need to work as assistants, so they were attacked by their own family members. They made a group of people who didn't have a boat not to help them, and they also became a party with the water thieves. These people were all kind-hearted people. They were forced by life, and then they were lured by the water thieves. Although they knew a little about water,portable gold wash plant, their abilities were not high. When they had an accident and committed a crime, they were unlucky. They were tortured and died. The stolen property belonged to the thieves. If they What a pity. What can the government think when it comes to such a situation? As soon as Shen and Jiang heard this, they were greatly surprised that Lao Tie could use such an important wooden oar. What the basin said was very reasonable, and the more it said, the more speculative it was. It was getting dark. Old Tie's grandparents and grandchildren had decided that the guests should eat first, but they naturally refused. As a result, because one person was at the helm, they could not eat together, so they changed to take turns to accompany the guests. Old Sang Tiexing, a boatman, was rather lonely. At first, he was indifferent to Shen and Jiang and did not say much. Later, when he saw that the two young boatmen were modest and sincere to people, he could not help but have a good impression on them. He changed his smile and after drinking a few glasses of wine, he began to talk more. All he talked about were the cruel officials, the rampant local tyrants, the powerful gentry families relying on wealth and power to oppress the good, so that the people were in dire. Later, gold shaking table ,small gold wash plant, he said that the waterway was not peaceful, the passengers were trapped in the water and had no way to escape, and it was more difficult to escape when they met water bandits than when they met thieves on the dry road. His boat, if not a strange shape, has been coming and going for many years. The two sons have known many people in Japan, and they are never willing to carry valuable passengers and cargo, and do things that are harmful to themselves and others. The general water bandits knew that the ship had no oil and water, so they took it away and it was not worth much money, and they also had a fork in the eye, and the layman would not use it. This group of water bandits are hiding in the secluded area along the river, at least five or six people, at most forty or fifty people as a group, driving a few boats back and forth to rob, unlike Dongting Junshan that group of river and ocean bandits, flood and drought two roads all have Dazhai. Take the boat to nowhere to store, and then be known by the son's friends before his death, but also to draw a knife, cause trouble, at least it is a lose-lose situation, think about it is not worth it, refused to start. That's why my grandparents and grandchildren have to eat this bowl of simple food, which is not bitter or sweet. Every time they come and go, they sell their own goods, which is enough for the whole family of three or four people, old and young, without asking for much food and clothing. Many colleagues advised me to rely on the kindness of my two sons to traffic back and forth, so that I could make a small fortune by walking twice more a month. As a matter of fact, they do not understand the truth that a big tree catches the wind and a lot of money brings disaster. In such a desolate year, they are lucky to be able to feed and clothe themselves. There are at least several thousand boats of all sizes that come and go from Laohekou to the Chuanjiang River. How many of them can have nothing to do all the year round and not go to the outer wharf to avoid disaster? We are not greedy, just enough, people do not come to see, otherwise the whole ship has only two people, one old and one young, people really afraid of you? Shen and Jiang kept the words of Elder Martial Brother Quan Quan. The young man walked outside and listened more and asked less. He was kind. He was careful when things happened. He could not speak lightly about trifles. He had already paid attention to Lao Tie's grandparents and grandchildren. He just respected the old man and was modest, but he did not say much. Seeing that he was drunk and his ears were hot, his expression became more and more proud, and he suspected that the old man was not an ordinary person. Want to inquire, afraid of its heart, just want to wait for him to say no better. But as far as Lao Tiehua is concerned, there are some irrelevant gossip at the bottom. Shen Hong didn't say much all the time. Jiang Fei couldn't help but want to inquire. Old Tie suddenly laughed and said, "I just accompany the two guests to have a drink and have a heart-to-heart talk. I forget that it's getting late. My grandson is probably hungry already.". The wind is favorable today, and in less than two hours we have been driven out of the thirty-mile waterway. There is a village at the mouth of the Longzi River in Wangniang Bay, which is famous for its smoked wax. When the boat arrives there, it has to berth for a while. By the way, I will bring something for you. You can drive out a lot of waterways by riding the bright moon in the sky! The two of them saw that it was night early, and the full moon was rising from the eastern horizon. The lights on the boat were also lit. They passed through the big town two or three times along the way, but they didn't stop. When they heard this, they heard that the town in front of them had landed a little, and they had to get up to buy something. Listening to this tone, they were sailing overnight. They thought to themselves: How can these two people, old and young, have so much energy to walk overnight? Fang wanted to ask back, but Lao Tie had already walked back. He felt that the young boatman was eloquent and easy to inquire. Although the boatman was not malicious, there was no need to be on guard. If he was a strange man in Jianghu, he would have more friends. Although Shifu and Elder Martial Brother Qi ordered me to be careful, I would not be hindered if I did not show any signs. Thinking of this, he waited for the basin to come and sit down with him. Seeing that he was full first, he just looked on. Seeing that he was eating very well, he asked with a smile,coltan ore processing, "Are you hungry? You've worked hard!" The basin took one look at the two of them and said with a smile, "This is nothing. It's only driving away thirty miles of water. It's still downwind. You don't need manpower to steer, and you feel tired. What if you meet a bad wind and waves and drive him for two or three nights?"? I think it's rare to have such a comfortable and happy thing like today. 。


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