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Original Title: Knowledge of Cutting Tools: Drill Technology 1. Craft /Processing 1.1 Craft According to the diameter and total length

"Old Gong," said Li Yu-ling, "you said you didn't care. As a foreman, what you said doesn't count." Gong Tong was so angry that he stamped his feet, shook off his hands and turned to his "office room". Here, Li Yu-ling handed Shen Fuyu the willow leaf throwing knife that had been silently quenched with poison, but he said nothing. Shen Fuyu still had the face to take the throwing knife. He didn't even move his head and turned away. Li Yu-ling didn't care. Holding the throwing knife, she turned around and walked toward Gong Tong's "office room." Someone behind her shouted, "Foreman!" Li Yu-ling turned around and saw that it was Liu Yu-dian, who was followed by eight brothers. His face was full of gratitude. "Foreman!" He said! Thank you, I don't know what to say. "" That's easy, "said Li Yu-ling with a smile." Don't say anything. Liu Yudian forced a smile and said, "All the brothers in the class are here.." "Oh," said Li Yu-ling, "these are all brothers from the first class." "Yes," said Liu Yudian, "they are all brothers of the first class." The eight men bowed to Li Yu-ling and called out respectfully, "Foreman." Li Yu-ling nodded with a smile and said, "Hello, everyone. I have something to do now. I'll come and see you later." "Is the foreman going to stay in the camp tonight?" Asked one of the brothers. Li Yu-ling nodded and said, "Yes, I will live with everyone from today on." The brother was delighted. He raised his hand and said, "Come on, let's go and clean up the house for the foreman." With his words, everyone rushed into the barracks of the first squad. Li Yu-ling was relieved and smiled with relief. He turned to Gong Tong's "office room". Entering Gong Tong's "office room", there were many people present. It was a thin old man in his fifties. He was very tall, with long phoenix eyebrows and full eyes. He was sharper than Gong Tong. His expression made people know that he was a steady person at a glance. As soon as Li Yu-ling saw the old man, she thought it might be Huang He, the big foreman of the Western Camp. It was really good. As soon as Gong Tong saw him come in, he shouted, "Come on, Yu-ling. This is Old Huang, the big foreman of the Western Camp. Just meet him here!" Li Yu-ling stepped forward and bowed. "Li Yu-ling has seen Old Huang." Huang He, the foreman of the West Camp, stood up and said with a smile, "I've just seen Li Laodi's skill. I happened to catch it and didn't miss it. I'm more than fifty years old this year. It's the first time I've seen Li Laodi's skill in my life." This old man is really steady, he even has a sense of propriety, neither less than, nor too much. Li Yu-ling said with a modest smile, "Old Huang has praised me. Don't laugh at the way the crops are handled." Huang He said with a smile, "If Li Laodi's skill is still the style of a farmer, then our group will have nothing to eat." Understatement, a ha ha. Huang He did not sit in Gong Tong's "office room" for a long time, just like Gong Tong, asking questions, asking this and that, he asked more and said less. Such a person made Li Yu-ling pay attention to him and speak very carefully. In any case, Huang He showed that he was very familiar with each other. Before he left, he asked Li Yu-ling to go to Xiying when he was free. The implication was that he did not treat Li Yu-ling as a subordinate, but completely regarded him as a friend who forgot his age. In order to welcome this new subordinate, Gong Tong, the new force of Dongying, must have two cups! In fact, this man will not play fake, and he really admires this new subordinate from the bottom of his heart, like this handsome young man. Li Yu-ling declined, Narrow aisle rack , which was tantamount to saying nothing. Song Tianxing accompanied her, and the three of them drank in Gong Tong's "office room.". Wine is Baigan son, although there is no big fish and meat, but Gong Tong life camp kitchen cooked a soup, four kinds of wine and food, a class of brothers went out to cut the wine and food meat and another soup, which is more comfortable than the whole table of the banquet, eating and drinking is not rich in wine and food, only in friendship. At the beginning of dusk, Song Tianxing left with a bit of wine. At the end of the banquet, he pulled Li Yu-ling and refused to let her go. Li Yu-ling sat for a while until the lights were turned on. Out of the "office room," Li Yu-ling turned a corner and entered the barracks of the first squad. Ha, in addition to a big lantern, the barracks of the first squad also lit two red candles like arms, and placed a long table on the aisle. To put it bluntly, it was a long bench with a board. The table was filled with six or seven dishes, two large pots of wine, and nine brothers on either side, all sitting in silence. As soon as Li Yu-ling entered the door, the nine brothers stood up in four and a half pairs and bowed down one by one. "Foreman!" They said respectfully. Li Yu-ling knew it in her heart, but naturally she asked, "What are you doing?" Nothing else, a little token of my brother's appreciation, welcome for the foreman. Just for this, I'm afraid I can't take care of these brothers in the future. Li Yu-ling was not only relieved, but also moved, and did not speak. But a meal to eat and drink, during the dinner, from Liu Yudian to everyone to sign up. The nine brothers were Liu Yudian, Wei Hanjiang, Han Dongyang, Yan Wuling, Peng Xu, Sai Ziliang, Pan Lu, Wei Zhong, and yuan Shangyun. These nine big men have a common characteristic, that is, all nine of them are over thirty years old, and none of them is not born in the underworld. If you are over thirty years old, you can explain that the "Shenwu Camp" does not employ young men, and the people chosen have at least been in Jianghu for a while. And they all have considerable experience, can mix for a while, mix out considerable experience and do not fall down, this kind of person in kungfu contains considerable heat, this is certain. None of them were born in the underworld. It can be explained that they couldn't stay in Jianghu. They were forced by the white way and couldn't live there. Then they came to the official's house. Moreover, the underworld figures are all ruthless, have done wrong, have done evil, have killed people, and have set fires. Once they do things, they will never hesitate, and they will never be soft-hearted. On the other hand, nine out of ten of the so-called "rebellious" and "withered people" of the official family are white people, or the surviving ministers of the former Dynasty, loyal and righteous people with blood. Such people hate the underworld figures and spare no effort to prevent them from living in Jianghu. In this way, these brothers of the "Shenwu Camp", once they start to do things, are ordered to attack these "rebels" and "withered people", which is the same as personal revenge, but with the backing of officials, that is not brave to be the first. This is the wishful thinking of the officials.


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