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Yang Tian, is she your girlfriend? What about the morning glow? How to calculate the morning glow? Du Yun raised his hand and pointed at Xu Xiaoman, but his line of sight was locked on Yang Tian, regardless of the obstruction of Bai Jing next to him, his face was full of anger.

Yang Tian, is she your girlfriend? What about the morning glow? How to calculate the morning glow? Du Yun raised his hand and pointed at Xu Xiaoman, but his line of sight was locked on Yang Tian, regardless of the obstruction of Bai Jing next to him, his face was full of anger. Questioned by Bai Jing, Yang Tian finally came to his senses and stared coldly at Xu Xiaoman beside him. "Give me an explanation. Otherwise, you know the consequences of my anger. I promise, it will be very serious, very serious!" Xu Xiaoman proudly raised his chin and said in a voice that only the two of them could hear: "Promise me a request, help me do something, and I will explain it clearly for you." "Cheat me, still want me to help you, I look like a sucker?" Yang Tian's face showed displeasure, and with it, Xu Xiaoman's arms also tightened up. Xu Xiaoman smiled at Bai Jing, gentle and beautiful, elegant and generous, making it difficult for people to get angry. At the same time, he lowered his voice and squeezed out a few syllables between his teeth: "You don't look like a sucker, you look like my boyfriend!" "Remember to do what you say!" In the face of the thousand-faced doll beside him, Yang Tian was defeated in the end and had no choice but to accept the humiliating treaty of losing sovereignty and humiliating the country. Xu Xiaoman was overjoyed, and his face was filled with pride. Then he let go of Yang Tian's arm and said gracefully to Bai Jing and Du Yun, "Hello,plastic pallet suppliers, I'm actually Yang Tian's cousin. I saw that you were interested in my cousin, so I came to tease you. I especially like to joke. Don't be angry, and don't take it seriously!" "Ah, ah?"? You said you were his cousin? Du Yun, who had previously seen Xu Xiaoman as if he had killed his father's enemy, heard the former's explanation, and his cheeks suddenly turned red, as if he had hung two burning clouds. One side of Bai Jing is not good to go there,plastic pallet crates, the same face red, do not know what to say. Seeing this scene, Yang Tian can only silently sigh that compared with the experienced and hot beauty police flower, the two white-collar workers who returned to university for further study from their jobs are somewhat too simple. Dealt with Du Yun and Bai Jing without bloodshed, Xu Xiaoman sat on the copilot, and no matter how strong the impact of the round in front of him on the line of sight of the sun, he stretched himself a carefree stretch. After completing this extremely seductive action, the beautiful police flower proudly said to Yang Tian, who acted as a temporary driver beside her: "Well, is this girl's acting skill first-class?" "Thanks to you, you are still a national civil servant and a good policeman of the people. When you cheat the people, your face and eyes do not blink." The sun day concentrates on driving, for the side like Sun Wukong as unpredictable Xu Xiaoman, already speechless evaluation. Any language description for the ever-changing Changshan City's first beauty police flower, is empty and powerless, only those who see her with their own eyes, ibc spill pallet ,collapsible pallet box, will know her strong and tough! Xu Xiaoman gave Yang Tian a white look. He was obviously not very satisfied with Yang Tian's evaluation. Finally, he had to get back to the point and said seriously: "The Ye Zhun we met a few days ago had an impure motive for me. He asked me to have dinner together. I can't shirk it. So, I can only pull you to accompany me. I just offended a lot. Please forgive me, Mr. Yang.." What invitation can't be refused? For the goat, the ball full of all kinds of beautiful women can not be refused. For alcoholics, a wine party full of all kinds of old wines can not be refused. For gamblers, gambling games full of all kinds of exciting gambling and betting can not be refused. For Xu Xiaoman, a special woman who is tough to the limit, there are really few invitations that can't be refused. If we have to find one, that is, the invitation to the case, as long as it can help her solve the case, any invitation, for Xu Xiaoman, is difficult to refuse. Ye Zhun invited Xu Xiaoman to the banquet, without any flowery rhetoric and embellishment, only a simple sentence: Want to solve the poisoning case of September Bar, at two o'clock in the afternoon, 100 Dumpling Garden, Linhe Street! Are you crazy? With such a sentence, are you going to drag me to see that Ye Zhun? Turning the corner, Yang Tian suddenly stepped on the brake and parked the police car on the side of the road. Xu Xiaoman gave him a white look, shrugged his shoulders and said, "Why can't you go?"? Since he can help me solve the case, what can I do if I go to have a meal? Besides, don't you have an escort? "The question is, what's in it for me to help you?" Yang Tian turned sideways and looked at Xu Xiaoman with an unwilling face. Xu Xiaoman raised his chin and said proudly, "Why, what other benefits do you want?"? Before, but you promised to help me, I just help you out, a big man, you should not want to repudiate me, right? "You helped me out, but who made that for me?"? It's not you! You are forcing a good man into prostitution, and I can sue you! Yang Tian turned out the remaining Zhongnanhai from the storage box stuck between the main driver and the co-driver, and then ignited it. When Xu Xiaoman smelled the smoke, he frowned gently and said bitterly, "What do you want?"? Do you still want me to marry you? "Forget it," said Yang Tian with a wave of his hand. "You're the Queen Mother. I'm just a mortal. I dare not enjoy a happy life at random." "Well, if you don't want to go, you get off and I'll go by myself!" Xu Xiaoman's temper came up and his face sank. Seeing this, Yang Tian was worried that the crazy woman was really mad. He could only explain, "Let me help you, but don't use this kind of means next time. I don't like it very much." "It's because I'm afraid you won't help. Otherwise, do you think this girl likes to use this kind of dirty tricks?" Xu Xiaoman was wronged and pouted. Seeing this, Yang Tian could not bear it any more. He restarted the car and said, "Ye Zhun is too scheming. I don't like to deal with him. However, if he clings to you and you take me out to prevaricate him, I won't have any opinion." "Since he likes me, he should not be your rival in love. If he is not your rival in love,secondary containment pallet, then he is your rival?" Xu Xiaoman congealed his eyes and instantly analyzed a lot of things. Why can't you be a rival in love? Yang Tian said with a smile, "Maybe the woman I like likes him. In that case, isn't she also a rival in love?" 。


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