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Original Title: Knowledge of Cutting Tools: Drill Technology 1. Craft /Processing 1.1 Craft According to the diameter and total length

The figure was wearing wide clothes and could not see his face clearly, but at the moment Su Ming saw the man, his consciousness was filled with a cold air, turning into tension and fear. This is your destiny, and you can't refuse. The voice of indifference seemed to come from a distant place, echoing in this nothingness, as if the law had come down for a long time, and any creature who did not obey the will of the law would be punished. Emperor. Emperor Han Kong's trembling and weak voice, with awe and fear, echoed in Su Ming's consciousness. He separated most of the power of the primordial spirit to compete with the stronger and stronger suction coming from Su Ming's body. The remaining small part of the power of the primordial spirit was to see everything Su Ming saw. When he saw the huge head, he was already afraid, saw the figure on the hilt of the head, heard its voice, and this fear became his nightmarish nightmare, which made him fear and awe to the extreme. I refuse When Su Ming saw the locked self, he opened his eyes. There was a dead silence in his eyes. It was so calm that it was terrible. At the moment when he opened his eyes, Su Ming saw the locked self. There was a line of blood under his eyes on his face. The line of blood seemed to appear out of thin air, and soon it was completely revealed. He (Demon Bar, official YY: 3943) was the one left on his face in Wushan.. The scar he didn't want to let go. You let me.. Disappointed. But you can't refuse my will. Through the huge head of the sword hilt, the cross-legged figure raised his head, still can not see his appearance, but can see his eyes, that ruthless and indifferent eyes. At the moment when Su Ming saw this vision, there was a roar in his consciousness, and a sharp tear appeared, which made everything he saw suddenly collapse and turn into countless fragments. God, you lied to me! You lied to me.. I At the same time, a shrill scream swirled, which belonged to Han Kong,radio shuttle racking, whose voice weakened rapidly in the scream, and in the end, almost disappeared. Everything, all disappeared, Su Ming brain constantly roaring, as if there are hundreds of thousands of thunder in the continuous roar, so that all he saw dissipated, the fog ahead quickly thick, everything, all seem to have never happened,Pallet rack beams, only that vision, seems to be able to penetrate the fog of memory, fell on Su Ming's body. You let me.. Disappointed. Su Ming fiercely a shock, opened his eyes, his whole body was soaked with sweat, in the moment of opening his eyes, his mouth overflowed with blood, but also can not hold back, directly spurted a big mouth. Even his mask was spouted by the blood and fell aside, revealing the pale and confused face under the mask. On his face, under his eyes, the scar left in Wushan turned red. The sound of rapid breathing came from Su Ming. He was breathing heavily, his eyes were bloodshot, his hands were on the ground, and his body was trembling. Is this a small part of my lost memory. For a long time, Su Ming wiped the blood from the corners of his mouth and looked around at the dark cave, murmuring. I was really erased some of my memories. Erase my memory, whether it is the emperor in the mouth of this Han Kong! Who is he, where does he come from, he is mine. What person. "" "In my lost memory, Drive in racking system ,pipe cantilever rack, what I refuse." "And the head under his body, which is clearly a barbarian, who is he.." Su Ming's body trembled, and he thought of what Nantian had said, that the second generation of barbarian gods had lost their heads. Just a head, let me have a feeling like heaven. Could it be that this head belongs to the second generation of barbarian gods? "Emperor Heaven, Emperor Heaven," Han Kong cried sadly before he died, saying that Emperor Heaven had deceived him. "Who is this Emperor Heaven?" Su Ming murmured, looking as confused as the tide, drowning it. I And who is it. Fate, Su Ming. Su Ming looked up fiercely, not roaring, but still murmuring a voice that only he could hear. Who am I. Su Ming confused sad smile, he lost. Like a wounded beast, always lonely existence, like a person who has lost his memory, always does not believe what he sees in front of him, like a growing up, forgetting his growth rings.. Like the palm of the water, can not withstand a swing, it will be lost. Su Ming, half kneeling there, seems to have lost himself, he thought he would get the answer, but in this answer, there is still a deeper confusion. Is this fate. Like a group of hair, can not find the head, can not find "" Su Ming closed his eyes, he did not understand, he did not want to go out, would rather sit alone in the dark, silently looking for. At this moment, he ignored the death of Han Kong in his body. In addition to being absorbed by the stones in the spirit body, the rest of his broken primordial spirit turned into a little bit of crystal light, which was slowly absorbed outside his sea spirit body (Demon Bar, official YY: 3943). He also ignored the body, was brought in by the Han Kong barbarian soul of the atavistic barbarian bone, because of the death of Han Kong, is slowly melting in Su Ming's body rest, as it melts, Su Ming's blood in the body at an alarming rate, in the flow, in the absorption. As Han Kong said before, if you don't die, it's good fortune! Not easy to write, the speed is also slow, each outbreak is to double the time and fatigue in exchange for, in early May, I need a monthly ticket. Volume 2 Wind Rises and Cold Day Chapter 165 Preface (Second Watch) In a flash, it is a month. ( m) Hanshan under the city of this secret place, in a month ago, became ancient, since then is no longer secret, so that people can enter and exit at will, will not encounter forbidden things. The secret that has haunted Hanshan City for many years has disappeared. Apart from the leaders of the three tribes and a limited number of clansmen, few people knew what great changes had taken place here a month ago. They only knew and saw that in the middle of the night a month ago, a huge roar echoed, and a figure flew out of the abyss under the city of Hanshan. Behind the figure, there was a huge ghost roaring and chasing. At the same time, when the figure flew out, from the eastern part of Ann, Pu Qiang,long span shelving, respectively, one person rushed out to intercept the first World War. The battle did not last long, and eventually the figure died and was killed.


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